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Fresh kill

Posted in General with tags , , , on March 5, 2010 by rocklawthepally

After nine attempts, we downed Rotface tonight for the first time.  Our first really good look at him.   Downing new content is always a huge plus and given all the ups and downs of the past few weeks, it’s good to see the new guild pushing through the content.  That’s 2 new kills this week.

Two weapons dropped.   The melee staff and the healer mace.  My buddy Nich (our Drood tank) got the staff. I’ve been sporting the caster sword from Marrowgar for the past couple of months. I  hate running with stats that are not for a healer, and I always feel guilty using such a weapon, so I rolled.  I rolled a 1.  Yes, a 1.  Turns out the other healers/casters already had level 251 class-appropriate weapons, so I won what will probably be my final LK weapon on a roll of 1.  WOOT!

We took a peek at Putricide without any prep – that’s gonna require some more research and effort, me thinks.  88% lol

Well done, all – 2 new bosses, a one-shot of the first wing and a one-shot of that dick Saurfang.