Salty Rocklaw!

Well, one I’ve been working on forever finally went my way for a change.  After thinking for several months that the Kalu’ak Fishing Derby would be the best bet to complete the Master Angler of Azeroth portion of Accomplished Angler, I was surprised and pleased as punch yesterday to finally win the Booty Bay Fishing Tournament.  Pleased?  Nay, t’were fracking AWESOME!

So I have now the new title “Salty” that I may never change again, except for the day or so following my first Lich King kill.

Now, tips for getting this:

Patience, patience and more patience.  And be prepared to be very, very patient.

Think about how hard some of these sub-achievements are.  Off the top, Mr. Pinchy is a pita.  And so are the other rare catches (Old Ironjaw or Old Crafty and the rare catch junk fish).  Surprisingly, the 2 boss catches are easy.  The fountain in Dalaran just requires time and is a good way to level fishing to max.  All in all, the tournaments are gonna be the hardest part and involve the most luck.

The best and most authoritative resource for all of this can be found at El’s Anglin’.


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