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Ummm – Hi? Sorry for the absence…

Posted in General on October 27, 2010 by rocklawthepally


My apologies for my absence.

During that absence, my guild actually survived and I was able to contribute for a while as a healer.  But then it became clear that my holy pally was not what was required so I went on hiatus as a healer and dredged up my mage, hence my silence here.

Notwithstanding my paladin’s absence, my mage got lots of face time in ICC and lo and behold, I achieved the Kingslayer this past Sunday!!

And just last night, my pally got some love back by getting the kill on Halion in Ruby Sanctum.

Woe is me – there’s nothing left to kill!  Just kidding.  We’re already murmuring about heroics lol.

Clearing LK and Halion are very important milestones for me as this is the first time my toon(s) have ever completed an expansion before the following xpac has come out.

Yay me!

Bring on Cata!!