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6/12 – Chugging Along

Posted in General with tags , , , on March 17, 2010 by rocklawthepally

I wouldn’t quite call it all on farm just yet, but we had our best night yet in ICC, clearing through Rotface and Festergut in our first raid night of the week.  Now the fun begins.  Putricide on Thursday :)


Fresh kill

Posted in General with tags , , , on March 5, 2010 by rocklawthepally

After nine attempts, we downed Rotface tonight for the first time.  Our first really good look at him.   Downing new content is always a huge plus and given all the ups and downs of the past few weeks, it’s good to see the new guild pushing through the content.  That’s 2 new kills this week.

Two weapons dropped.   The melee staff and the healer mace.  My buddy Nich (our Drood tank) got the staff. I’ve been sporting the caster sword from Marrowgar for the past couple of months. I  hate running with stats that are not for a healer, and I always feel guilty using such a weapon, so I rolled.  I rolled a 1.  Yes, a 1.  Turns out the other healers/casters already had level 251 class-appropriate weapons, so I won what will probably be my final LK weapon on a roll of 1.  WOOT!

We took a peek at Putricide without any prep – that’s gonna require some more research and effort, me thinks.  88% lol

Well done, all – 2 new bosses, a one-shot of the first wing and a one-shot of that dick Saurfang.

Progress…. stalled (it’s all good, though)

Posted in General with tags , , , , , , on February 10, 2010 by rocklawthepally

Damn maintenance.  Cost us nearly 2 hours.  Only got through Lady Deathwhisper.

Marrowgar was a pita this week.  It’s such a random fight and folks were, well, dying in a fire.  Now I know sometimes you get zapped by multiple flames at once and that it can be tough to avoid, but really.

In unrelated news, Coriel over at Blessing of Kings was musing about Blackwing Lair and whether it was a boring instance.  I found it to be epic and a great deal of fun.  Just wrangling 40 people into an instance back in the day was a feat in itself.  Cat herding ftw.  Add to that resist-gear stacking (“farming” Ony for cloaks, anyone?), the difficulty of even making flasks (Scholo, anyone?), managing buffs across 40 people (pally buffs, anyone?) and the difficulty of threat management without tools like Omen and you have a huge effort just getting in the door.

The fights themselves may look trivial by today’s difficulty standards, but consider them in the context of vanilla WoW.  Vael, for example, was a guild-breaking fight.  We wiped for weeks before getting it down.  It was a DPS race with what remains a unique mechanic: you knew you were going to lose people.  You just hoped it wasn’t your healers early on.  You hoped the tanks could build enough threat so as each one died and a new one swapped in some random DPS would not pull aggro.  Unlimited mana/energy/rage can only get you so far if folks blow up in the middle of the raid!  Oh, and that bastard has to this day never dropped THE SHIELD!

Looking to Rock ICC 10

Posted in General with tags , , on February 2, 2010 by rocklawthepally

No pun intended.

All drama aside, I’m hoping to crack the plague wing tomorrow night on night one of our raid week, as long as we can solve the Saurfang dilemma.

Tips for holy pallies on the lower wing:

3 healers on Marrowgar is helpful.  Perhaps I suck, but when your AoE/raid healer gets spiked and a bunch of your DPS are not on the boss’ ass where they should be, it gets tough.  Also, Marrowgar is a BIG HEAL fight, where it is preferable to have a deep mana pool and use Holy Light over Flash or Shock.

Deathwhisper, the Boat and Saurfang are all easily 2-healable.  Indeed, last week, I was tasked to go ret on Deathwhisper since most of my damage is yellow.  Big swinging <insert your term of choice here>.  One shot, btw.

So holy pallies, bring yer pots and bring yer mana pool.  On Marrowgar, be ready to move.  Beacon your tanks for the whole wing, as per usual, and keep that Sacred Shield HoT up.


Deathwhisper and the Boat!

Posted in General with tags , , on January 6, 2010 by rocklawthepally

Whee! Progression! Lady Deathwhisper and the Boat deaded last night! Wonderful fun :) We’ll get more progress come Thursday, I hope!

Also, my FigurePrint is in transit via FedEx ground – really excited to see how it looks!

Marrowgar times 2

Posted in General with tags , , , on December 24, 2009 by rocklawthepally

Nice rings.

Marrowgar deaded again.

No attempts on Lady Deathwhisper this week (sad pally).

Good work, folks!

Lord Marrowgar down

Posted in General with tags , , , , on December 23, 2009 by rocklawthepally

Lord Marrowgar is dead as of last week.  Sadly, it was after his nerfs.  I’m firmly of the belief we would have had him on his original mode, but what the hey.  We’ll take it.  Subsequently, we got Lady Deathwhisper to 25% of her mana last week in phase 1, as well.

Seems the powers that be decided we’ve suspended raiding for the next two weeks due to the holidays.  Thankfully, one of our tanks stepped up and posted an impromptu run for ICC 10 tomorrow night.  It’s listed as a rep farming run, which I hate.  Kill the boss or get the fuck out of the instance.  For me, rep is ancillary in an instance that represents progression.  True, it’s been a long while since we’ve seen a new rep associated with a new raid, but for chrissakes, that new ring ain’t gonna make or break the raid.

So.  Tomorrow, if we have the right peeps, we kill Marrowgar and Deathwhisper and then go strap on our rocket packs!  If not, then I go farm herbs.  Here’s hoping we have 10 of our best :)

Merry Christmas to all.