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Moving to 25-man

Posted in Raiding with tags , , , on February 18, 2009 by rocklawthepally

My guild’s 3 10-man teams are working through Naxx and the other 10-man content (only my group has cleared Naxx, and another group has cleared Sapphiron).  The leadership has decided that it’s time to put that content aside for our primary raid nights and move to 25-man Naxx.  For me, this is great, since there are only a couple of pieces left in Naxxramas that would be considered upgrades.

I’m looking forward to getting back to the 25-man game.  I miss Hyjal and BT, SSC and The Eye.  The fun of banging away on a 25-man boss was a great thrill.  Being a part of a 25-man crew is a lot more fun than the 10-man stuff.  My goal is to defeat all of the 25-man content before 3.1 comes out.  Not sure if that’s in the cards, but we will certainly give it a try :)


Naxx cleared! 5/5 Tier 7!

Posted in achievements, General, paladin, Raiding with tags , , , on January 27, 2009 by rocklawthepally

Well, we finally did it. Last night, our raid group finally cleared Naxxramas with a one-shot of Kel’Thuzad. I became the first member of our guild to get full 5/5 of Tier 7 when the helm dropped. Our warlock had already received a nice new helm earlier in the evening and our pally tank is an engineer whose goggles are actually better than the T7 helm, so the helm went to me by default. I like it when things like that work out :)

We then went to take a peek at Malygos – that’s gonna be tricky with 2 resto shammies and a holy paly as our healing core.

On another note, we 2-man healed the spider wing and Razuvius earlier in the week – also awesome.

Maximum 3 days to the Chef title.  Only Northrend instance Elders left to visit.  Mage to 77 – flight restored.

Onyxia solo and Naxxramas

Posted in General with tags , , on December 3, 2008 by rocklawthepally

So last night was supposed to be our first foray into Naxxramas, but our tanks didn’t show up.  We’re gonna give it another go this evening.  I ran around yesterday gemming and enchanting all my gear and went from 1248 spell power to 1605 unbuffed.  That was, in large measure, due to a new toy :)

So with only group and dungeon quests left to do in pve content, I set out to see if I could accomplish something I’d wanted to do since wiping my face on the floor with 39 other people back in the day: solo Onyxia.  So off I went.

I had Fire Resist aura up and ran with the +50 spellpower elixir and haste food.  I parked her at the north end of the room as usual and proceeded to bang away at her.  About 50 minutes later, she was dead at my feet.  Almost all my damage was from holy shock and consecrate.  The whelps were annoying but not too bad.  Deep breaths were not a problem.  I used Divine Plea whenever it was up, Avenging Wrath frequently and I popped Lay On Hands a couple of times.  I also bubbled on 2 or 3 occasions.

The Air phase was by far the hardest.  Trying to stay under her so that consecration could tick as well as my Holy Shock be in range was annoying.  She’s got 1.01 million hit points so it took a long time.  The fear phase wasn’t too bad – it’s a short duration fear so I was never in danger of a tail swipe.

Anyway, I already had the Feat of Strength due to the fact that I have an Ony bag in my bank and I’d done the head quest before.  Druid and Shammy helms dropped.  No screen shot, unfortunately – I forgot.

So there.  /flex :)