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Progress…. stalled (it’s all good, though)

Posted in General with tags , , , , , , on February 10, 2010 by rocklawthepally

Damn maintenance.  Cost us nearly 2 hours.  Only got through Lady Deathwhisper.

Marrowgar was a pita this week.  It’s such a random fight and folks were, well, dying in a fire.  Now I know sometimes you get zapped by multiple flames at once and that it can be tough to avoid, but really.

In unrelated news, Coriel over at Blessing of Kings was musing about Blackwing Lair and whether it was a boring instance.  I found it to be epic and a great deal of fun.  Just wrangling 40 people into an instance back in the day was a feat in itself.  Cat herding ftw.  Add to that resist-gear stacking (“farming” Ony for cloaks, anyone?), the difficulty of even making flasks (Scholo, anyone?), managing buffs across 40 people (pally buffs, anyone?) and the difficulty of threat management without tools like Omen and you have a huge effort just getting in the door.

The fights themselves may look trivial by today’s difficulty standards, but consider them in the context of vanilla WoW.  Vael, for example, was a guild-breaking fight.  We wiped for weeks before getting it down.  It was a DPS race with what remains a unique mechanic: you knew you were going to lose people.  You just hoped it wasn’t your healers early on.  You hoped the tanks could build enough threat so as each one died and a new one swapped in some random DPS would not pull aggro.  Unlimited mana/energy/rage can only get you so far if folks blow up in the middle of the raid!  Oh, and that bastard has to this day never dropped THE SHIELD!


Raid 101 – Always be prepared

Posted in Raiding with tags , on September 22, 2008 by rocklawthepally

I’ve been raiding endgame and near-endgame for over 2 1/2 years now and I’ve developed certain habits.  I like to be prepared so that I can be ready to step into any situation at the drop of a hat.  This means having certain things in my bags at all times, regardless of what I’m doing.  I’ve found that being a reliable raider sets a good example and helps break bad habits of those annoying bastards who always show up late and unstocked.

It’s a fairly simple process to go through.  After each raid, I go through a routine that results in me being ready for the next one.  Right after arriving back in <insert city of choice, currently Shattrath>, I repair and restock to 300 Symbols of Kings and 5 Symbols of Divinity.  The Kings number might be a tad high, but it is a leftover from the days of 40-mans and 15-minute buffs where you could actually go through all 300 in an evening.  Rarely do I use more than 100 in a night these days and that’s usually a wipe-fest learning encounter.

I also hit my bank and stock up on Super Mana Potions (usually try to have 40 on me) and Super Health Potions (usually 10).  Yes, yes I’m a healer but that Oh Shit heal I need when trying to keep the main tank alive can save a raid.

Other core raiding mats I carry at all times include 20 Blackened Sporefish, 20 Elixir of Healing Power and 20 Mageblood Potion.

This whole process takes mere minutes and it ensures that I am always ready to go for the next raid.  Consider doing this yourself and you, too, will always be gtg.

The reason I post this is that I absolutely cannot stand the insensitive buggers that arrive late and unstocked.  It holds up 24 other people and is easily avoided.  I never, ever ask for a summons to a zone line unless I’m pinch-hitting partway through a run.  I never say oops, gotta go back and get crap out of my bank.  Even if I am filling in, with the above part of my routine I’m always ready instantly.