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Sceptre of the Shifting Sands? Check.

Posted in General with tags , , on December 2, 2009 by rocklawthepally

So besides being broke from buying elementium ore, I’m finally done with the Sceptre of the Shifting Sands quest. Very anticlimactic ending compared to its original incarnation, which caused the AQ gates to open. You can’t even bang the gong in Silithus with the thing. But at least it’s done. Very long and satisfying. Most of it soloable (although not Dr. Weavil). The satisfaction of being able to enable pretty much the only server-wide emote in the game (Eranikus’ event in Moonglade). Just good fun, especially having to go back and smash the crap out of BWL and MC, etc. Oh, and the only epic cooking recipe in the game :)

Highly recommended that you grab the Broodlord’s head when next you’re in BWL. Good fun.  Happy bug whacking – you’ll be at it for a while, unless you have multiple AQ40 runs under your belt already.


Thought Dump: Blizzcon and Wow 2.0

Posted in General with tags , , , on August 27, 2009 by rocklawthepally

I’ve brought my baby druid out of storage and this got me thinking about what the game experience will be like come Cataclysm.  Now that I’ve had time to digest the changes announced at Blizzcon to some extent, it’s really quite extraordinary.  What this amounts to is a stealth World of Warcraft 2.0 without a total graphics overhaul.  By reworking the Old World and introducing lots of new content there, as well as overhauling the underlying stats/talents/races/classes, they’ve essentially given us a whole new game.

Because all players, regardless of how long they’ve played, have to take each toon they level (even if it’s only ever one), through Old World content, we all have our likes and gripes about it.  We all know it intimately, although those of us Loremasters know it better than most.  We’ve got all the flight paths and know the quickest route from point A to point B.  We know at a glance what zone we’re in or flying over just by the terrain or flora and fauna.  We know all the towns and cities like the back of our hand.  It’s our home, to be honest.  Regardless of how much time we spend in Northrend or Outland, Ironforge or Orgrimmar will always be where we feel most comfortable.

The actual changes are pretty staggering.  Sure there are new races and race/class combos and new zones with new instances and raids and other new content.  But they’re telling us they’ve reworked the entire rest of Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor to greater or lesser degrees.  Everything from all new quests to re-itemizing levelling gear (yay for no more agi/spirit cloth!) to remapping flight paths to flight itself in the Old World.  Think of the level of work that will require and the changes it implies.

Add to that the near total overhaul of stats and talents, with the removal of things like spellpower and defense and MP5 to the introduction of Path of the Titans and Archaeology and Mastery.  If you thought the introduction of one new class in LK was upsetting, getting the balance right on what seems at first a simplification is going to be a feat of tuning that Blizzard has heretofore never attempted.  I’m in awe of the sheer magnitude of it.

With Ony coming and Arthas to follow, we have much to occupy ourselves.  I’m currently back to progression raiding (more in another post today) and am looking forward to the coming Lich King content.  I hope I will get to see most, if not all of it.  But Cataclysm is gonna be just spectacular.  Can’t wait for the ride!

Tips to complete the Loremaster title

Posted in General with tags , , on February 24, 2009 by rocklawthepally

I was thinking that the Loremaster title is actually a pretty significant achievement so I thought I’d share some tips for attaining it. I will focus primarily on Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor since the Outland and Northrend ones are relatively easy. Just complete all of the quest chains there you can find – they are laid out in a far more sensible manner than the Old World and the line of progression from place to place ties them all up neatly.

For both Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms, I recommend doing all of the quests in each of the starter zones.  They are quick and easy, and you will gain a ton of reputation with the various capital cities (leading towards the Ambassador title). Just head to the level 1-5 areas for each of your faction’s races, turn on low-level quest tracking and go to town.

My tips are fairly Alliance-centric, since I’ve never levelled a Horde character past about 20.  Eastern Kingdoms is relatively easy for the Alliance.  Just be sure to hit up every major zone and cover off all the major quest lines.  Check the capital cities for things you might have missed.  Do those dungeon quests – everyone can solo old world dungeons these days, regardless of class or spec, so delve into those places you might have skipped on the way up.

For Kalimdor, here are a few quest hubs you may have missed/skipped.  The Shimmering Flats has quite a few quests that involve obtaining parts for pod racing machines (good Goblin rep, too) and whacking various mobs.  Ratchet has some interesting running around to do in The Barrens and back and forth to Booty Bay.  There is the completely reworked Dustwallow Marsh zone that has been really well done that everyone should do regardless.  Don’t forget Feathermoon, either.  In Winterspring, I found a little chain to killed named mobs that led to the opening of the Wintersabre line.  Not sure I want to grind THAT particular one, despite the nerf.  Low level quest tracking is the key to this whole thing.  If it had not been for that, this would have been hellishly difficult.

Essentially, obtaining the Loremaster title means doing every last quest you can find for the zone you are trying to complete.  I only just got it yesterday and I’ve been playing this game for over 3 years.  I had no incentive to do the Kalimdor quests I skipped until the title became available.  I made a little money along the way, gained some rep here and there, and found some great content that I had completely missed.  That last part was the most fun – seeing stuff that other players/factions would have done as a matter of course, but due to my choice of race and class, I never had cause to encounter.

So there you go.  A few tips for obtaining the Loremaster title.  They may seem basic, but if you’re reading this, then perhaps not, eh?  Happy lowbie whacking!