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Progress…. stalled (it’s all good, though)

Posted in General with tags , , , , , , on February 10, 2010 by rocklawthepally

Damn maintenance.  Cost us nearly 2 hours.  Only got through Lady Deathwhisper.

Marrowgar was a pita this week.  It’s such a random fight and folks were, well, dying in a fire.  Now I know sometimes you get zapped by multiple flames at once and that it can be tough to avoid, but really.

In unrelated news, Coriel over at Blessing of Kings was musing about Blackwing Lair and whether it was a boring instance.  I found it to be epic and a great deal of fun.  Just wrangling 40 people into an instance back in the day was a feat in itself.  Cat herding ftw.  Add to that resist-gear stacking (“farming” Ony for cloaks, anyone?), the difficulty of even making flasks (Scholo, anyone?), managing buffs across 40 people (pally buffs, anyone?) and the difficulty of threat management without tools like Omen and you have a huge effort just getting in the door.

The fights themselves may look trivial by today’s difficulty standards, but consider them in the context of vanilla WoW.  Vael, for example, was a guild-breaking fight.  We wiped for weeks before getting it down.  It was a DPS race with what remains a unique mechanic: you knew you were going to lose people.  You just hoped it wasn’t your healers early on.  You hoped the tanks could build enough threat so as each one died and a new one swapped in some random DPS would not pull aggro.  Unlimited mana/energy/rage can only get you so far if folks blow up in the middle of the raid!  Oh, and that bastard has to this day never dropped THE SHIELD!


Icecrown Citadel and the most annoying heroic in the game

Posted in General with tags , , , on December 11, 2009 by rocklawthepally

We ventured into Icecrown Citadel 10 normal tonight and within a couple of hours worth of attempts, Marrowgar was down to 25%.  I suspect when next we take him on, we will get him.  It’s a sutiational awareness, chaoitic fight where the healers can only do so much.  Our DPS bretheren (and us healers, too) need to help out the healing crew by avoiding the major damage from the coldflame and being as close to max as possible during whirlwind.  Well done for our first set of attemps.

Then, just to prove that we’re not total suck, we 1-shot Ony in textbook fashion.  I love face-wiping on progression, and ICC trash respawn with 30 minutes to go in our raid clock made Ony make a lot of sense.  Glad we were able to teach the old girl a lesson

What did I do next?  I did something I rarely, if ever, do.  I went into the new LFG tool with my best tank and my healing buddy (and GM) who went elemental.  We went PuG.  Rocklaw does not PuG as a rule, but this new tool intrigued me and I’m getting badge hungry.  For me, it was the daily random.  What did we get?  You guessed it – Occulus.

Thankfully we completed it.  It was one of the last 3 I need for Champion of the Frozen Wastes title.  Only Old Kingdom and Azjol.Nerub left.

We’ve got some new recruits and an old friend back in the guild.  A resto druid friend who is the significant other of a warlock recent returnee has joined us again.  Old friends from times past rejoining us are what makes this game so much fun for me.  In addition, I was able to blow a couple of cloth cooldowns for another recent returnee who has access to a killer pattern.  Was happy to help.

3.3 is starting out well.  Looking forward to getting deeper into it with my friends in guild.

Been killing Harpies, sorry

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We’ve been clearing (or not) T9 content each week, so that’s all cool.  We’ve welcomed some great new folks to the guild as well as a really good old friend (Heya Mop, glad to have you back).  Some of those we’ve taken into Ulduar 10 and I got to help on my favorite fight in the game for Lich King – the Iron Council.  Then we went on to Freya and the DPS check bit us in the ass.  I have some control in Iron Council by keeping folks alive.  Freya needs the DPS to be on the spot and on target.  Nothing I can do to help there except yell expletives over vent, which I choose not to do.  Don’t suck is my only advice to the DPS.

But I’ve become stuck on getting the Savory Deviate Delight recipe, which is the last cooking recipe I can get that I’m aware of (there’s a Horde-only one I may need to send my rogue off to get).  Been killing harpies in NW Barrens for days (I’m told they are the best farming spot), with no luck yet.  Ah well, yet another obsession :)

As a result of a couple of MC and BWL runs recently, I am on the last leg of the Sceptre of the Shifting Sands quest and need only 2 more elementium ore.  All the Dummies books are in and I have all the mats but two.  Am almost flat broke getting them off the AH at 500-600 per.  Thankfully, we have a BWL run scheduled for Friday.  I really want to see how this thing ends.  The bonus is that I am reassembling a T2 set (have shoulders, legs, chest and head (from pre-buff Ony) so I look the part now).  Everyone agrees that the pally T2 was the best looking set in the game back in the day.  The only missing visible bits are the gloves and belt so once I have those, and once that bastard Vael drops the frakkin’ shield, I will be set.

Reset tomorrow, so more Ony, VoA and ToC 10.  Hopefully the damn Faction Champs will cooperate more this week.

And now we’re back to ten

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Without going into much detail, we had ALMOST achieved 25-man-ness.  We had to pug in a few.  Sadly, we sucked and it was clear that there were f-tards in the raid that had no business being in a 25-man.

The drama llamas promptly gquit.  Yay!  See ya!

We ran a fresh 10 tonight and smacked all the T9 content available to us (no, we’re not running Grand Crusader – yet).  It feels good to be killing stuff again, rather than scraping my face across the floor as a result of too much stupid in the raid.

Got a fresh new healing mace (sorry – Wowhead does not list the 232 version – no gem slot and slightly reduced stats) last week once it was clear 25-man was not on – always a good day when a new weapon drops.  Still waiting on my old girlfriend to drop my spec-specific hat.

Oh, and I got the Draconic for Dummies off Raggy tonight.  Missed out on Nef the other night due to the fact that my cable modem (brand new) decided that it would suck.  So just a Nef kill and then 10 Elementium Ore (which you see on the AH all the time – not) and the Sceptre….  well.  More work to do there.

Anyway, good to be back to smacking stuff with gusto.  We’re gonna head into Uld 10 tomorrow and see if we can deal with Hodir and Thorim.  The earlier stuff should be regarded as farm, esp with all the new trick gear from ToC 10.

And this week was meh…

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Last week, we whacked Ony, ToCr 10 and VoA in one night.  Tonight started promisingly with our first one-shot of Ony.  It all went downhill from there. ToCr was not on and we struggled with FL.  Razorscale and XT were one-shots, to end on a good note.

I must be diplomatic here.  We’ve brought in several new people but are not yet to the point of 2 10-mans.  We’re getting close, but not quite.  The invites went out and included were a couple of our new folks along with some of our regulars playing non-traditional roles.

We learned that it is as much about cohesion and knowledge of fights as it is about gear.

Suffice to say that the T9 level stuff will be put firmly on farm by those that have proven they can do it.  Ulduar will be open to folks who need the gear or can contribute via alts.  At least that’s my understanding.

No hard feelings (a few regulars were a tad upset).  Progression will continue, I hope.  The latter bits of Ulduar are part of that, even though that loot may be beneath ToCr ilvl.

We’re all about getting everyone a chance.  Progression level raiding is it’s own beast, however.

ToCr, do not for a second think we are done with you this week.  Anub’arak, you are goin DOWN!

Best night ever

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I returned to my guild’s 10-man crew tonight after my enforced absence of about a month (RL, moving, netbook, etc). It was a breath of fresh air to be raiding again and our group is a solid bunch of individuals who don’t mess around.  We joke and play, to be sure, but when the time comes to throw down, we’re there.

Now last week, much to my delight, that crew cleared Ony and Trial of the Crusader on 10-man.  I had signed up, but having only just moved into my new place, I was unable to raid because of RL slapping me upside the head.  In the few weeks I was away, my guildmates had surpassed me in gear (I’m 12th on the gear score list now) and I was wondering if I’d get the nod.

Not to worry.  My old guildie Fig (filling in as Raid Leader as our GM deals with RL issues) dropped the first invite on me.  I was thrilled.  We had Ony and ToCr in our sights.  I’d only ever seen the initial phase of the Northrend Beasts so that instance was totally unknown to me.  Ony is Ony, with only a minor twist with the dragonkin that need to be off tanked during the air phase, so I was not worried in the least about that fight.

We started with my old girlfriend.  I’ll have to wait for a couple xpacs before I can solo her again, but she’s the same as always.  We took a few tries, but down she went.  I saw a Judgment Helm drop, but my friend and fellow pally plays his ret more often than I do so I passed to him.  It was just like the good old days – actually, having the dragonkin adds gives me something more to do during the air phase.

On to ToCr.  A few wipes on each boss as I was learning the fights.  Not sure if any were my fault – farm status might be a little premature.  But I was quite surprised at how easy it all was.  Got a new shield and new pants off Anub :)

We topped last weeks results by also clearing VoA after ToCr was done.  I’d never done the new fire Boss – loads of fun.  An entire tier of raiding cleared in one evening.  Back into Ulduar 10 tomorrow – some hard modes are on offer, I hear.

Anyway, it’s wonderful to be back into progression raiding again.

I will take a peek at the 3.3 stuff and pontificate here soon.

Onyxia redux

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So the last time I solo’d Onyxia, it took an hour. That was shortly after hitting 80 in blues and greens. I did it the other day in full 7.5 (with a smattering of Ulduar 10 gear) and knocked a full 30 minutes off my time. Looking to take the death knight into the instance to see if I can do better.  But more than that, I’m REALLY looking forward to having my ass handed to me again by her in 3.2.2.  FR gear, anyone?  Gonna have to go farm FR pots again, perhaps.

As for healing in 3.2 as a holy pally, well, I haven’t done any yet. I expect the nerf bat to mana regen/mana pool will be offset by the OP buff to bacon. Something else to try.  My guild has been making little progress of late.  I was using the mage in Naxx 10 but I’ll be taking the pally back in there as DPS for badges, if they’ll have me.  They skipped over me this week.  Probably because I’m overgeared.  But it’s badges I’m after so I can get T8 level stuff so we can progress, dammit!

The mage has a nice new Kaluak fishing pole, and the DK is working towards one as well.  And the pally is working on Oracle rep – first egg was a dud.  Grrrr.

Loving the new Tournament dailies, except for that idiot Kul.  Why do I have to save his ass every frickin’ day?  Note to the curious: create targetting macros for the Get Kracken bombing run.  Makes your life a lot simpler.