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Sceptre of the Shifting Sands? Check.

Posted in General with tags , , on December 2, 2009 by rocklawthepally

So besides being broke from buying elementium ore, I’m finally done with the Sceptre of the Shifting Sands quest. Very anticlimactic ending compared to its original incarnation, which caused the AQ gates to open. You can’t even bang the gong in Silithus with the thing. But at least it’s done. Very long and satisfying. Most of it soloable (although not Dr. Weavil). The satisfaction of being able to enable pretty much the only server-wide emote in the game (Eranikus’ event in Moonglade). Just good fun, especially having to go back and smash the crap out of BWL and MC, etc. Oh, and the only epic cooking recipe in the game :)

Highly recommended that you grab the Broodlord’s head when next you’re in BWL. Good fun.  Happy bug whacking – you’ll be at it for a while, unless you have multiple AQ40 runs under your belt already.


The Drama Llama

Posted in General with tags , , , , on May 19, 2009 by rocklawthepally

Finally got to exalted with all of the 5 main Lich King factions over the weekend. Kirin Tor was the final one and I got there on cooking and fishing dailies alone. No tabard rep at all :)

On a sad note, our GL has left the game for good, it seems. RL issues have become a limiting factor for her and she ultimately made the decision to set the game aside. I wish her the very best.

We also lost our Raid Leader, who has gone on to form her own guild. As a result of this instability, I’ve taken all of my alts out of the guild, leaving only the pally in there. My alts will remain unguilded for the time being.

Powerleveled mining and blacksmithing to 300 or so on my death knight and am leveling her up through Hellfire Peninsula. Still getting used to the playstyle. Some times it seems stuff dies very quickly and at other times, it seems to take a while. Not sure how I feel about it all. Blood spec atm.

Of Dailies and Rep Griding

Posted in General with tags , on March 9, 2009 by rocklawthepally

So I’ve been working on rep grinding a little of late.  Not so much with instancing, which I rarely do, but I’ve gotten back into dailies with Ebon Blade and Argent Crusade.  I don’t really need any of the items on sale at exalted, but I’d just like to get these rep grinds out of the way.  I like the improvements they made to the harpoon quest for the Ebon Blade – it has 50% less suck now.

Wasn’t even close this week on the fishing tourney – I had just 22 fish when the winner was declared.  It wasn’t about people ninjaing my tastyfish schools, it was more about just not getting enough pools to spawn in the area I was fishing.  I’m not letting this final achievement for the Salty title get to me, tho.  I know it will take a lot of luck to