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Instance Servers FTL!

Posted in General with tags , , on April 16, 2009 by rocklawthepally

Naxx was on the schedule last night and things began smoothly around 7:30 server time on Malfurion. I got my raid invite and popped into the instance. No problem.

Generally, I log into vent but don’t put on the headset until close to pull time. Since I run vent on a different machine, I leave the vent window visible when not on the headset so I can see the level of vent chatter via the flickering speaker icons. I was noticing quite a lot of it, coupled with folks logging off and not returning on their mains.

Queue the headset. I got in on the tail end of a conversation that indicated that the raid night was likely buggered due to the fact that people could not log off without alt-F4 and getting stuck at the loading screen trying to get back in. I tried it myself and, yep, the instance server was hosed. End of raid night.

So I went off to my warlock and did my 3rd set of opening quests for the Argent Tournament. Daily cash ftw.