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Been killing Harpies, sorry

Posted in General with tags , , , , on December 1, 2009 by rocklawthepally

We’ve been clearing (or not) T9 content each week, so that’s all cool.  We’ve welcomed some great new folks to the guild as well as a really good old friend (Heya Mop, glad to have you back).  Some of those we’ve taken into Ulduar 10 and I got to help on my favorite fight in the game for Lich King – the Iron Council.  Then we went on to Freya and the DPS check bit us in the ass.  I have some control in Iron Council by keeping folks alive.  Freya needs the DPS to be on the spot and on target.  Nothing I can do to help there except yell expletives over vent, which I choose not to do.  Don’t suck is my only advice to the DPS.

But I’ve become stuck on getting the Savory Deviate Delight recipe, which is the last cooking recipe I can get that I’m aware of (there’s a Horde-only one I may need to send my rogue off to get).  Been killing harpies in NW Barrens for days (I’m told they are the best farming spot), with no luck yet.  Ah well, yet another obsession :)

As a result of a couple of MC and BWL runs recently, I am on the last leg of the Sceptre of the Shifting Sands quest and need only 2 more elementium ore.  All the Dummies books are in and I have all the mats but two.  Am almost flat broke getting them off the AH at 500-600 per.  Thankfully, we have a BWL run scheduled for Friday.  I really want to see how this thing ends.  The bonus is that I am reassembling a T2 set (have shoulders, legs, chest and head (from pre-buff Ony) so I look the part now).  Everyone agrees that the pally T2 was the best looking set in the game back in the day.  The only missing visible bits are the gloves and belt so once I have those, and once that bastard Vael drops the frakkin’ shield, I will be set.

Reset tomorrow, so more Ony, VoA and ToC 10.  Hopefully the damn Faction Champs will cooperate more this week.