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Best night ever

Posted in General with tags , , , on October 14, 2009 by rocklawthepally

I returned to my guild’s 10-man crew tonight after my enforced absence of about a month (RL, moving, netbook, etc). It was a breath of fresh air to be raiding again and our group is a solid bunch of individuals who don’t mess around.  We joke and play, to be sure, but when the time comes to throw down, we’re there.

Now last week, much to my delight, that crew cleared Ony and Trial of the Crusader on 10-man.  I had signed up, but having only just moved into my new place, I was unable to raid because of RL slapping me upside the head.  In the few weeks I was away, my guildmates had surpassed me in gear (I’m 12th on the gear score list now) and I was wondering if I’d get the nod.

Not to worry.  My old guildie Fig (filling in as Raid Leader as our GM deals with RL issues) dropped the first invite on me.  I was thrilled.  We had Ony and ToCr in our sights.  I’d only ever seen the initial phase of the Northrend Beasts so that instance was totally unknown to me.  Ony is Ony, with only a minor twist with the dragonkin that need to be off tanked during the air phase, so I was not worried in the least about that fight.

We started with my old girlfriend.  I’ll have to wait for a couple xpacs before I can solo her again, but she’s the same as always.  We took a few tries, but down she went.  I saw a Judgment Helm drop, but my friend and fellow pally plays his ret more often than I do so I passed to him.  It was just like the good old days – actually, having the dragonkin adds gives me something more to do during the air phase.

On to ToCr.  A few wipes on each boss as I was learning the fights.  Not sure if any were my fault – farm status might be a little premature.  But I was quite surprised at how easy it all was.  Got a new shield and new pants off Anub :)

We topped last weeks results by also clearing VoA after ToCr was done.  I’d never done the new fire Boss – loads of fun.  An entire tier of raiding cleared in one evening.  Back into Ulduar 10 tomorrow – some hard modes are on offer, I hear.

Anyway, it’s wonderful to be back into progression raiding again.

I will take a peek at the 3.3 stuff and pontificate here soon.