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Saurfang dead again. Finally.

Posted in General with tags , , , , , , , on February 24, 2010 by rocklawthepally

Whew.  We finally nailed it for the second time last night.  That Saurfang fight is such a pita.  And I feel so helpless because, as a healer, I can’t really contribute anything.  It’s all on the DPS.  But last night, they were on their game.  Extra-special kiting skill paid off.  Looking forward to new content.  Time for a visit to Tankspot to check up on Festergut and Rotface.

3 upgrades yesterday.   A ring, a cloak and a belt.  ilvl 268, 264 and 251 respectively.  Only 2 pieces of 232 gear left on the holy side.

We also managed to do the frost giant weekly (which is where the belt dropped).  Fun fight.

The odd thing about Icecrown is that I spend much of my time in ret mode.  I am ret on trash up to Marrowgar, then switch to healing for that fight.  Then I’m back to ret for the Lady Deathwhister trash and I tank her for the first phase until the shield is down.  Then I’m ret for the trash leading to the boat.  I switched to heals for the frost giant weekly, but went back to ret as a gunner/add DPS for the boat.  I switch to heals for Saurfang because I do so much AoE splash damage that it would be a bad idea for me to be doing damage when his adds pop.  My resto shammy buddy goes enhancement for that fight (in fact, he brought in his hunter last night, which was the thing that turned the tide). 

I really need better ret gear, tho.  5/5 T9 is OK, but this is T10 content.  The good thing is that the raid’s pally tank got a bunch of off-spec DPS upgrades last night, so now they’re on rot and default to me next time they drop :)  And I will be spending Triumphs on the 245 upgrade badge gear, depending on set bonuses.

After the raid, we pugged an XT weekly and a VOA to total 20 frosts in one day.  I tried a daily, but the group wiped on early trash and I was too tired to stick it out.

Anywho, it’s off to new content!


Confusion reigns

Posted in General with tags , , on December 7, 2009 by rocklawthepally

So my guild can’t figure out if it wants to do 25s (for which we still need to still pug in a couple) or 10s.  When we do 25s, we’re at the Ulduar level.  This past week, we actually got some guild firsts, which was cool.

On raid night 2, we went to Ony/Voa (10 man) and got them both down, but had we taken our best, we’d have done ToC 10 as well.  We took some new folk and did well in gearing them up.

My take on all of this is quite selfish:  if it is not gonna benefit me (or the raid in some major way), find someone else.  The problem is that we have so few healers and I do not want to be the asshole., so I show up.

Figgy or Shama, if you’re reading this, we should not be leaving ToC 10 on the table.  We should be running that every week.  If we have to bring in new folks, limit it to one or two.  Let’s just say screw you and get it done.  It’s that important that our best keep getting gear, IMO.  We should just suck it up and take our best for that, every week without fail.  I get very angry when we leave it by the wayside in favor of lesser instances.

219/232 gear will be avail from the 5-mans in Icecrown.  Ulduar is only cool from a progression perspective.  I like that we worked on Hodir tonight and would like to do more progression, but please do not ask me to run the early bosses on either 10 or 25 unless we are doing progression.  I’m getting tired of it.  I may change my mind come 3.3, but I may also reconsider Naxx for the same reason.

And now we’re back to ten

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Without going into much detail, we had ALMOST achieved 25-man-ness.  We had to pug in a few.  Sadly, we sucked and it was clear that there were f-tards in the raid that had no business being in a 25-man.

The drama llamas promptly gquit.  Yay!  See ya!

We ran a fresh 10 tonight and smacked all the T9 content available to us (no, we’re not running Grand Crusader – yet).  It feels good to be killing stuff again, rather than scraping my face across the floor as a result of too much stupid in the raid.

Got a fresh new healing mace (sorry – Wowhead does not list the 232 version – no gem slot and slightly reduced stats) last week once it was clear 25-man was not on – always a good day when a new weapon drops.  Still waiting on my old girlfriend to drop my spec-specific hat.

Oh, and I got the Draconic for Dummies off Raggy tonight.  Missed out on Nef the other night due to the fact that my cable modem (brand new) decided that it would suck.  So just a Nef kill and then 10 Elementium Ore (which you see on the AH all the time – not) and the Sceptre….  well.  More work to do there.

Anyway, good to be back to smacking stuff with gusto.  We’re gonna head into Uld 10 tomorrow and see if we can deal with Hodir and Thorim.  The earlier stuff should be regarded as farm, esp with all the new trick gear from ToC 10.

And this week was meh…

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Last week, we whacked Ony, ToCr 10 and VoA in one night.  Tonight started promisingly with our first one-shot of Ony.  It all went downhill from there. ToCr was not on and we struggled with FL.  Razorscale and XT were one-shots, to end on a good note.

I must be diplomatic here.  We’ve brought in several new people but are not yet to the point of 2 10-mans.  We’re getting close, but not quite.  The invites went out and included were a couple of our new folks along with some of our regulars playing non-traditional roles.

We learned that it is as much about cohesion and knowledge of fights as it is about gear.

Suffice to say that the T9 level stuff will be put firmly on farm by those that have proven they can do it.  Ulduar will be open to folks who need the gear or can contribute via alts.  At least that’s my understanding.

No hard feelings (a few regulars were a tad upset).  Progression will continue, I hope.  The latter bits of Ulduar are part of that, even though that loot may be beneath ToCr ilvl.

We’re all about getting everyone a chance.  Progression level raiding is it’s own beast, however.

ToCr, do not for a second think we are done with you this week.  Anub’arak, you are goin DOWN!

Ulduar 10 and the new Holy Paladin

Posted in General with tags , , , , on August 27, 2009 by rocklawthepally

We’re back to progression in a pretty serious manner.  Yay for me!  We got Ignis last week and Iron Council last night.  Yes, I know.  Yawn for many of you.  But my guild went through a pretty severe contraction with the departure of many for 25-man horizons in bigger guilds.  I was on the cusp of that myself before being treated disrespectfully by the guild by whom I was finally accepted.  So my return to progression and not just badge farming in Naxx is pretty exciting.  By the way, if I never see the inside of Naxx again on my main, it will be too soon.  I could probably solo heal it in 10-man by this point.

Holy Paladins have changed quite a bit, some good and some bad.  I see Ulduar 25-geared pallies with 28-29k mana pools and now I know why.  Crit ain’t what she used to be.  While I still have to use the occasional Holy Light, it’s now all about Sacred Shield and spammage of Flash of Light.  Keeping those HoTs up, combined with Beacon of Light and the occasional Holy Shock seems to work well.  The only trouble is on really long fights like Iron Council.

Timing is everything.  I have a local recast macro for Beacon of Light and am going to set one up for Sacred Shield as well.  The extra crit from that, combined with the HoTs work really well.  Beacon is still an expensive spell to cast, but I find that for most fights thus far, I can keep two tanks alive with the help of the occasional tick from a shammy’s chain heal hitting the second tank.

Running Divine Plea is something I also need to macro, if I can.  I already have Divine Illumination macro’d to go off every time it’s up.  I’ll have to add Avenging Wrath to that to complete the triumvirate, I guess.

As for gear, I’m eyeballing the deadly MP5 again, as well as epic intellect gems.  With about 2215 spell power unbuffed and with that climbing to around 2600-2800 with full raid buffs and trinkets (Eye of the Broodmother and Forethought Talisman are a rocking combo, btw), totems and whatnot, I feel that I have enough spellpower.  I need a deeper mana pool and better mana regen.

So, am I happy?  With the general healing mechanics, yes.  I’m not happy with what 3.2 did to both my mana pool and the regen I have.  Gonna go tonight and look at replacing crit gems with int or MP5.  Sigh.  Man up, Rocklaw (or should that be Dwarf up?)!  Do it for progression or gtfo :)

Cataclysm – Holy Crap!

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Spellpower?  Gone!  MP5?  Gone!  Holy Crap, what a major overhaul.  Granted, this is likely more than a year away, but the announced changes from Blizzcon yesterday are staggering.

The trailer is stunning.  Rather than bring us unknown places to play, they have decided to re-do the old world in such a way as to make it all seem new.  With Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms all torn asunder, we’ll be greeted with new vistas over every horizon.  Flying mounts in the Old World FTW!

And getting to go head to head with Ony’s daddy is uber cool :)

Oh, and we finally downed Ignis in 10-man and are working on Freya!  Back to progression raiding again.  Holy pallies rock again (although mana is a bit of an issue) – I can keep 2 tanks plus a bunch of the raid alive all at once!

Guild Disintegration

Posted in General with tags , , , , on July 16, 2009 by rocklawthepally

So my guild is falling apart.  There are a few core members that are gonna stick it out no matter what, but most folks that want to raid have either left or are planning to leave.  I fall into the latter category.

I’ve been asked to audition via a 5-healer 25 man Naxx run tomorrow, which for me will pose no problems as long as the other healers do not suck.  Once that’s done and if I am accepted, I’ll be in a 25-man Ulduar guild that is working on the General.  I look forward to progression again, although I will miss my mates in In Exile.  My alts will stay for the time being, I think.

Drama Llama ftl.  I’m not happy about this change, but it needs to be done.  We simply do not have the numbers to put together even a 10-man Ulduar at this point.  It’s so bad that I’m using my mage to get the Dungeon .5 set – how lame is that?  Fun, yes, but totally pointless.  Doing it only to soak up time.

For my peeps in In Exile, I love you all and will miss you, but sturdy Rocklaw will still be around on Malfurion and is just a /w away.