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Hi. My name is Rocklaw and I’m a holy paladin.

Posted in General with tags , , , , on September 22, 2008 by rocklawthepally

Welcome.  This is a blog about holy pallies.  Because it’s new, there’s not much here yet, but I hope to populate it with interesting things and various musings about my favorite class in World of Warcraft.

A bit of history, then.  I began playing the game at the end of November, 2005 when I rolled a dwarf paladin on Malfurion-US.  I knew nothing about the game at that point, nor had I played the RTS Warcraft series.  I was a complete and total newbie.  I fumbled around by myself for the first thirty or so levels before I found myself in my first guild.  I didn’t know about theorycrafting, had no in-game contacts to speak of so I made some questionable decisions along the way.  But I eventually figured it out and made my way to 60.

I levelled as retribution primarily and didn’t turn holy until my guild began running Zul’Gurub on a regular basis.  Since that time, I’ve cleared Molten Core and Blackwing Lair and peeked inside AQ 40.  In Burning Crusade content, my guild has cleared Kara, Gruul’s Lair and Magtheridon.  We made it to 5/6 in Serpenshrine and 3/4 in Tempest Keep as well as 3/5 in Mount Hyjal and 3/9 in Black Temple.

As holy, I heal.  Yep.  I heal a lot.  Tanks, primarily.  But I also do a lot more than that.  Solo play, contrary to popular opinion, is relatively painless as a holy pally.  There are some downtime and mana management issues, but I visit the graveyard only once in a very blue moon and our class is kitted out with a good number of oh crap abilities.  Doing dailies on a holy pally takes me only slightly longer than they do on my mage who two-shots most mobs.

I hope this blog will flesh out what it is like to play a holy paladin in the endgame and in general solo play.  I’ll tackle issues relevant to the class, whether it’s something that’s working well or something that’s broken.  I’ll keep a close eye on the happenings in the Wrath of the Lich King beta and in the upcoming 3.0.2 patch (yes, I’m in the beta).

So stop by from time to time and check up on what’s new.  Feel free to leave comments and feedback.

/bubble /wave /hearth :)